The Daly Chronicle:
On this job in Lebanon, NJ., D & J Construction was hired as the General Contractor to add a seven hundred square foot
addition. This included, a dining area, bedroom and a bathroom. We also took apart the old deck, enlarged and rebuilt it. As the
job progressed, the Owners Ira & Trisha Daly added on a complete residing job. This job went without a hitch....except for the
one pulling out the tree stump that was bigger than my pickup bed. It took a full day to get this tree stump out and disposed of.
But once done, we were ready to mark out for the new crawlspace. Enjoy the pictures.
The backhoe is ready to get started, and so am I.
After a full day, it's out.
It looks like a bomb fell here.
Now to carry this off to it's final resting place.
The stump barely fit in my dump trailor, but it will now become someones mulch.
A good picture of the covered area.
The hole is dug for the crawlspace, and with rain on the way, everything was covered.
This is my daughter, Natalie, who befriended the Owners dog Abby.
Abby and Natalie. Abby seemed to always show up at lunch time ?
This is the back of the house where the addition is going...after the tree stump is pulled out.
We formed the footings, poured the concrete, and now the block is started for the foundation.
There are six courses of block to this crawlspace, that will give the owner almost four feet to crawl around in.
All of the vents in this crawlspace open and close with the temperature.
The grade here is very important, as it must pitch away from the house.
Just a little pile of dirt to go. I think I pulled twenty one loads with my dump trailer.
I am getting ready to backfill the foundation. a lot of the dirt will be hauled off.
The backfilling is almost complete, but there is still a lot of dirt to be removed.
The dirt has to be kept a little high to account for settlement.
Wow what a difference. The grading came out beautiful.
We poured the concrete floor, which a crawlspace only requires two inches.
Here the 3/4
The floor is glued and then nailed. This is an important job, as we don't want the floor to creek.
The next day the lumber was delivered, and we had the deck on by the end of the day.
The next day the framing is started.
This is the end of the day, and we really didn't do too bad.
The only thing left to frame is the roof, and inside walls.
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The roof is completely framed, and the sheething is going on. Nailing is important here.
We had to match the roofing on the garage, as the addition was built into the Garage roof.
All of the prep work mis done, and we are ready to put the
It's important to get the house closed up asap. so the next step is the roofing, and siding.
Now it looks like a house. All of the windows are installed, and the inside framing is complete.
This is one of the most important pieces of equiptment, as it carries most of my tools.
The Daly residence before we started the work.
The roof matched perfectly, and the Owners were thrilled.
The door on the right goes into the Garage area.
The existing deck was rebuilt, and extended into the new addition.
The composite decking boards get predrilled, and then screwed onto the joists.
The stationary window on the right was added after the addition was built....for a small fee.
We have started to reside the whole house. What a difference it made!!
The Daly residence, BEFORE.
The3 old siding was stripped and here you see the house was wrapped with
A nice angle with the roof finished.
The decking is finished, and the vinyl railings are almost complete.
Here is a new entrance to the Garage.
Another view of the deck, and the new siding...Looks Great!
The Daly residence, job completed.
Now that the outside is finished, and the grass is starting to grow, we'll go back inside.
This is a view of the rear of the house.....finished.
Sheetrock & spackle.............
Owner Ira Daly, looking in to see the progress.
Looking into the addition from the existing kitchen.
Sheetrtock is one of the hardest jobs. It takes a special person to get the walls smooth.
This is the back of the house, and the grass is now ready to cut.
Floors looks beautiful.
They're gonna love this room with all of the windows.
A better angle of the room.
The passway into the kitchen.
Another glimpse of the Daly family, I'm really gonna miss them.
The finished bedroom.
From the bedroom into the Dining area.
A shot of the vanity from the bedroom.
Nice throne.......
With lots of grab bars, there'll be no accidents in this shower!
We are installing the trim here. The windows were a challange because they were so close together.
A good shot of the windows.....nice trim work!
Starting the floor in the bathroom takes alot of calculation.
Because the opening was done last, there are some touch ups to be done.
Getting ready to put on the switch and outlet plates.
The floor is now finished and grouted.
The wood French doors were installed, which really adds a nice feeling to the room.
The railings are finished, and the steps are almost finished.
The bathroom door was also installed.
The Owners lost no time in getting use out of thier new deck.
It took only a few days to get the site ready for the crawlspace. During this process, we had to re-route the septic line, and
install a new line to the tank. The footing was formed and poured, stone installed, and the block work was started. During this
time, I wanted to keep the excavated dirt dry, so that it didn't become a mud hole, and it didn't. The reason for this was that
the septic, which took up a good portion of the back yard, was only fifteen feet away from the addition. And if it got muddy, it
could compromise the integrity of the system, and I really wasn't about to replace their septic system. Below you'll see the
block going in, and the backfilling of the crawlspace.
It's been two weeks now, and we
are putting on the deck for the
addition. Prior to starting this
process, a lot of measurements
had to be considered.  The final
height of the block work had to
be perfect so when the finished
floor goes in, it matches up with
the existing finished floor.  
By the end of the following day,
we had the majority of the
addition framed. As a
convenience to the Owners, we
plan to do most of the work from
the outside, without breaking
into the wall that will become the
access to the addition. In two
days, we were putting on the
sheathing. Now we are ready to
install the windows and doors,
and it's time for the rough
plumbing and electric to start.
To the right is a picture of my
tool trailer. We had just hung the
new D & J Construction sign on it.
This trailer houses most of the
tools needed to complete the job.
Now that the sheathing is done,
we have installed the "
windows and doors. On the center
right picture you see that next to
the sliding patio door is a full size
fixed window. This was not on the
print, but as we were starting the
siding, the Owner called me and
asked how impossible would it be
to add this window. Knowing that
it's usually a week turnaround, I
told him it was pretty impossible,
but I would call around. I found
one in Pennsylvania,
so off I drove, and by the end of
that day the window was
installed. Now we can continue
with the vinyl siding. The roof is
also going on, and all of this is
important so we can make the
addition weather tight.
Part of this job was to strip the existing deck, extend it eight feet over to meet the new addition. We had to add to the frame
work, and repair some rotted or broken joists. We installed "
Timber Tech" composite decking, and railings.
The Daly residence, job completed.
Now that the outside of the
house is finished, we can
start the finishing process on
the inside. The lot was
graded, seeded, and hayed. It
only took three days for the
grass to start growing.
We installed the
hardwood floors
after the
Sheetrock, to keep
them from getting
damaged. This is
the third coat of
Spackle, and we
are almost ready to
prime the walls.  
On one of the
pictures I caught
the elusive Owner
Ira Daly peeking
into the area to see
our progress for the
day. We kept the
addition separated
from the existing
house until the last
Now for the finishing touches. The
hardwood floors went in, the we painted
the walls and ceiling. And that's when all
the imperfections of the Spackle show up,
so the touch ups begin. All of the trim is
now being installed.
The bathroom floor was a slate, so
care had to be taken in laying it down,
as the tiles weren't consistent. After
the grout, then setting the toilet,
vanity, and shower was next. The trim
was installed, and now it's ready
With all of the doors
installed, all of the
walls painted, trim
installed and painted,
it's now time to sand
and finish the oak
floors. They really came
out beautiful.
The pass through
opening into the
kitchen was actually a
window in the exterior
of the house. So, that's
the scoop on the Daly
Addition. These people
were Great to work
with, and I felt like
family by the time the
job was finished. It's
always hard to say
goodbye, and move on.
But I must...... There's a
sun room  waiting to be
d & j Construction
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