Paver Patio in Bernardsville NJ
This is marking out the yard for the paver patio.
This is the backyard before we started, check out all the standing water.
Here we go!
The first scoop.
Figuring out how deep we will have to dig.
Since the machine broke down, we had to do some digging the old fashioned way.
On this job we started with a very wet, small back yard. We designed a drain system and paver patio with block steps. This
particular job was a challange due to it being on such a steep incline, although the pictures show only the back yard which is
somewhat level. You can see this job from start to finish. From marking out for the patio, to digging, to putting in the base,
the pavers and cutting the design in. Their water problems are a thing of the past.
Due to machine down time we started using the front of the backhoe to save time.
This is my daughter, Danielle trying out her skills as a machine operator ( actually, she was pretty good!!)
This is not how we get the job finished!!
Waiting for this guy to fix the machine still!
After evenly spreading stone fill, leveling it off, and making the rounded steps we started the pavers.
Here is a little closer view of the steps and beginning pavers.
Now we are almost done with the patio!
The steps are completely finished by putting the caps on, and the patio is almost done too!
This is a bird's eye view of the finished project!
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