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Mission Impossible: LAMBERTVILLE Page 3:
The Mission Finally Ends
D & J Construction...General Contractor
We are putting the custom surround and mantle on the fireplace.
The mantle is now finished, and all of the nail holes are being filled.
Here is the finished product. I personally did this wood work, and I am very proud of it.
This is the front bathroom. The medicine cabinet is installed, and the trim is going in.
This room size was perfect for a bathroom. This will be a full batroom, with a custom built shower.
The beadboard and trim is just about finished, and we're ready to put in the tile floor.
We gonna have to level out this floor, because it's pretty bad.
The tile in the shower is a subway tile. Custom shower galss door will be put on after all of the work is finished.
The floor was a mozaic tile, black and white, and went well with the subway tile.
The vanity, granite top, and....well, the bathroom is finished.
Now this was a challange. There was so little room, and I had to take out 14
The custom fireplace above was a bit of a challenge, because
the Owners gave me a picture of what they wanted, but they were
happy with the final result. The pictures around this text, are of a
bathroom we made from a small room at the front of the house.
Supposedly, back in the day there was a small room for the
newborn and it's crib.  
The dirt was taken out bucket, by bucket, and hauled off to an undisclosed location.
A heavy duty filter fabric is used in the driveway, to prevent soft spots.
Again, bucket, by bucket, the blend material is over 10
Brick Paver Driveway
The base was covered to keep it dry. The pavers were delivered, and man was there alot of them.
We started at the sidewalk to make sure the pitch wen away from the house.....tough one!
The driveway is just about finished. Those white blocks are lights, and they look really nice at night.
A nice picture looking into the street. Also, a nice picture of my shadow.
It's now completely finished. I put a drain in front of the garage doors, so the rain water will be diverted away from it.
After all of the brick are in, we sweep sand all over, three times to lock everything together.
Now a picture from the other end looking into the property.
The lights are on, and like I said, it looks really nice.
I think I was waiting for the inspector, who showed up at 9:30 pm.
What an incredible...incredible change!!!! I Love this house.
These lights are low voltage, and are run on a timer.
We installed a new
Fireplace Details, Upstairs Bathroom
Back Inside...
The tile in the master bedroom is just about finished.
Another custom built neoangle shower for the Master Bedroom.
The laundry room is upstairs off of the Master Bedroom.
The tile in the shower came out really nice, and we are now ready for the glass doors.
The finishing touches are now being applied to the Master Bathroom.
The finished laundry room. Really it's just a big closet with plumbing.
After many problems with the vanity, it was finally finished. The Granite looks really nice.
The shower doors really finish off this shower. I love this bathroom.
I just thought this was a really cool picture of the deck from the balcony.
The deck was one of the last things to do.
The frame and decking are finished.
The railings were made with cedar, and the balusters were made from galvanized pipe...cut..primed and painted.
The deck is almost finished.
Actually, I lost some pictures of the completed deck, and final grading. I'll post them when they turn up.
Not that you've never seen a toilet, but I put it here so you know that we put one in.
I can actually keep going, but this job already took up three pages, and I didn't make that much money on this job to pay for more pages (kidding).
This job wasn't just an addition with the typical home improvement package, it was a challenge. Actually I believe it was the biggest challenge I have
faced yet. Taking into consideration, that not only was it a Duplex, with the neighbors only eight inches away from possible disaster, but the building
itself was built in the 1860's. I remember when I went there for the first time to look at the house and meet with the Owner Keith Finkral. I was thinking to
myself.."No Way" this was just an impossible job (this was obviously said in my mind, while my mouth was saying...No Problem). I only had a nine foot
wide driveway for access to the site. The back yard was small. I had to demo the back half of the house (and prevent the rest from collapsing). Just no
way. Then, after a few more visits to the house, and getting to know it a little better, I became more confidant that, well, maybe yes it can be done. Then
one day on another fairly normal job, I thought, that without a challenge in life, what's the use. I made my mind up that I would go ahead and bid on the
job. I want to thank Dr. & Mrs. Finkral for hiring D & J Construction, and having the confidence in me to come to a successful finish. After we got started,
they had so much confidence, that they went to live in their other home in Massachusetts, and I hardly saw them (except when it was time for a
payment). We kept in contact with: cell phones, email, and when there were questions or problems that had to be seen, I would take a picture with my
cell phone, attach it to my laptop, and send it to them for a decision. This was a Great job, and I am proud to have been a part of it.
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