General / Mason Contractor
All through this page you'll find pictures of various jobs we've done in the past. Some are just random pictures, and some are pictures from jobs that warranted more
exposure from that particular job. The Home Improvement jobs here vary widely. From small sidewalks, to cultured stone fronts, D & J Construction will bring you the
quality you want in your home improvement project. Mouse over for some cool effects and click all pictures to enlarge. From Cultured Stone, to Retaining Walls, to Brick
Paver Walks, to Additions,
D & J will insure a quality product, for all of your home improvement needs.
This brick bar b q has a beautiful arch built into the front, with a real chimney stack!
Here I am after finishing the brick steps I built in Princeton, NJ.
We built this railroad tie retaining wall with steps going up into the back yard in Bridgewater, NJ.
We built this deck over a concrete front porch.
Here we put an exterior tile on a front porch top.
We did all of the brick on this house. I came up with the brick piers on both sides of the steps.
Here is a paver walkway I did in Hillsborough, NJ. The border is cemented in.
We did many jobs at this house. This picture was of the cultured stone we put on the front of the house.
Here D & J Construction was hired to build a landscape wall along the front of the house. We also installed the low voltage lighting inside the wall. If you've never seen a
fig tree, then take a look at the first three pictures. We were lucky enough to eat some of the fresh figs, and they were delicious!!
Here we finished an attic that was turned into a play room for the Grand kids. We also built closets along the wall. They are not full size, but there is plenty of storage
Below are pictures from a recent job in Greenbrook, NJ. We installed a new front and storm door. We also rebuilt the front porch with Mahogany decking & colonial
posts. The new cedar siding on the porch really finishes off the job. The ceiling was done in vinyl soffit. Also new outlets, light.
As a Mason Contractor, D & J Construction was hired to replace a really bad brick chimney. This brick chimney was actually about to fall through the roof. I guess we got
there in a nick of time.
Below are pictures from a job we did in Bound Brook NJ. We did a complete renovation for these customers for the sale of their house. We replaced the chimney,
sidewalks, windows, garage door, kitchen and dining room floors, refinished the hardwood in the family and living rooms, and much, much more.
On this job in Bridgewater, NJ, we rebuilt the deck while leaving the main structure intact. The owners, Howard and JoAnne Bixler Have used D & J Construction for many
of thier home improvement projects.
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Here I am with an air hammer, taking out the ceramic tile floor.
Section by section, tile by tile, took most of the afternoon to take out the tile.
All of the tile is out, now there are two layers of plywood that need to come out.
Now that all of the tile and plywood are out, there are some repairs to the sub floor that need to be made.
The border was red oak, which had to be sanded, then stained with a dark stain, and then varnished
The pre finished flooring is now in, and the floor looks beautiful!
All of the flooring needs to be in the room for 72 hours before installing.
The border gave the floor a rich look and was a good contrast to the cabinets.
February 2008
In the job below, D & J Construction was  hired to remove a cold ceramic tile kitchen floor, and install hard wood. As a general contractor, we designed the floor to
have a really dark border, and then install the prefinished oak hardwood in the center. We have installed many new hardwood floors, and putting hardwood in the
kitchen is becoming very popular.
Here D & J Construction was hired to install a concrete patio. As the mason contractor on this job, we designed the patio to be incorporated with the walkway. The
homeowner loved the angles, as can be seen by these pictures.
This concrete patio, replaced an old worn out deck.
The Owner wanted the patio to go around the attached Garage.
As we came around the other side of the garage, I suggested to have a spot for the garbage cans.
Pouring the concrete took some really careful planning. We didn't want to destroy the yard.
There was also a spot for the gas grill.
The area in front of the garage was about eight feet in width.
This is a nice picture of the whole right side of the concrete patio.
And this is on the rear left side, going into the driveway.
June  2008
We are hired and have completed many jobs over the years. From small brick paver patios or walkways, to really huge additions, or alterations. Below I'm going to put
some random pictures that  D & J Construction has completed as either a mason contractor or a general contractor.
This brick Bar - B - Q was built
without any previous designs. The
arch in front with the chimney
stack behind it was a nice touch.
We also did the Cultured Stone on
the front of the garage.
Brick house in princeton, NJ
Brick Fireplace, Cultured stone
This is the house in Princeton (one
of my favorites because the owner
gave me the power to be creative).
The steps and walls along the
sides were my design. Actually, I
wasn't sure where they were
going until I finished.
Brick steps
We designed and built the landscape
walls. The inside was layered with small
"Carnation Pink" stone. Yes that's a fig
tree in NJ! (boy were they good!)
Landscape block
As the general contractor we took
down a marble surround, and
installed this beautiful Cultured
Stone Front on this addition with a
deck in Central NJ.
cultured stone fireplace
Another fun job. It took two days
to cut and face the limestone
pieces for the tops. D & J
Construction, as the general /
mason contractor, we built a
second story addition and
completed the alteration on the
existing house turning it into a
new home! We also did the
Cultured stone, brick paver patio,
and the deck in the rear.
Cultured stone front, front porch
This is a deck around an above ground
pool. As the general contractor we
also did a brick paver patio behind this
new home in Central NJ. We also did
some interior home improvements
Deck around a pool
This is a nice detail of a brick oval
window from the house in
princeton.D & J Construction was
the mason contractor on this new
home in Princeton, NJ. UPDATE:
Check Out the Paver Driveway we
installed at this house!
This is my son, Trevor, who
left for the Navy on 1/26/03. :
Trevor is now working for
Exelon nuclear facility as a
chemist. We are proud of him,
and miss him, even though
he's only an hour away
Brick house in princeton, NJ
This is my daughter Danielle
on Take your daughter to
work day,  I'm very proud of
her. . This is the new home in
Princeton, NJ where we
were the mason contractor
and installed all of the brick.
Brick work
As the general contractor we
took down a marble surround,
and installed this beautiful
Cultured Stone Front on this
addition with a deck in Central
cultured stone fireplace
Front porch, deck
As the general
contractor we built this
porch and a large deck
at this house in
Plainfield, NJ.
Brick paver walkway
D & J Construction not only did all
of the brick on this house, but we
also did the brick piers, brick walls,
and the brick paver walkway.