Project in Princeton, NJ.
As stated before this was one of my personal favorites. The owner gave his permission to add to the design and agreed to just about all of my suggestions, which really brought out my creative side. Here are just a few decent pics. Located on the corner of Nassau and Snowden in Princeton, NJ. To see it for your own eyes would truly be a treat.
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UPDATE: April 23,2004
We are back for the final phase of this job. The two piers at the front of this property were existing prior to building this house, and when I say existing I mean they have been here for ages(I've heard rumors they are well over 100 years old....entrance to a school or farm).They are not only an historic landmark, but something dear to the hearts of the local residents. Over the years they have become damaged, and worn. The wing walls were broken on one pier and completely gone on the other. Our job was to restore the piers. The township and historical society was deeply involved in this. The following pictures are the finished product.
This picture was takin from the driveway.
This picture was takin from across the street.
This wall was extended about two feet and the top is all new.
This wall was completely rebuilt and the top is new also.