Our Tastiest Commercial Job
Corner of Park Ave & Oak Tree Rd. So. Plainfield, NJ
Believe it or not this is what Wendy's looks like without the finishing touches
Another angle of the sand pile.
Getting the scaffold up on the right rear, Now just need to set up the tarps.
Just about ready to lay some brick.
Yes we are working under these tarps, actually it gets so hot some of the guys are working in thier T-shirts!
This is the sand pile... There is a kerosene blower under the tarp to keep the sand workable.
I should get paid for this advertisement.
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We've started our new commercial project, Wendy's in So. Plainfield, NJ. Unfortunately the weather isn't cooperating. With highs barely reaching
above freezing it's been a tough few days. Having to protect and heat not only the work being done, we need to keep the material from freezing
also. The pile of sand for the mortar is completely tarped in with a kerosene blower on constantly just to keep it workable.Today the highs are to
reach a balmy 22 degrees with a wind chill factor of -6.
UPDATE: As of January 27,  this job is currently on hold due to below normal temps.
Today is 1 degrees, with highs reaching 15. Looks like Wed. we will be able to start up again. Will post.
UPDATE: Febuary 1:
As can be seen by the pics below, we have made some progress. As little as it is, I'm excited. As the temps crawl above the freeezing mark we
are getting more and more finished. The work still needs to be protected. The mortar has an additive in it to prevent freezing, the sand is still being
heated, and the work being done also has to be heated.This becomes tedious and expensive. Hopefully I'll have more pics next week... so check
This is the freezer area, that light block you see will be hidden by the freezer units.
Tarps just came down, this is first light for this wall.
The rear left side is finished.
That band you see is that the upper part of the wall isn't dry yet, but will blend in eventually.
Scaffold is down, off to the next wall.
I can almost smell the burgers cooking. Hope the weather continues to cooperate.
UPDATE: Febuary 6:
Again, with the weather at least above freezing during the day, we have made even more progress. The right side is mostly tarped and heated. We
are half way there now, But I hear rumors of a snow storm heading in tonight and going into tomorrow....Hope it's light.
The freezers have arrived and been set. They fit perfectly!
Keyed brick at the drive up window.
Right side of building. Just finished putting up tarps.
Better view of the right side. We are using three 60' X 40' tarps!!
Inside view ot the work area, with the kerosene heater (one of three) in the backround.
Mark and Willie two of my expert masons checking the level of the brick.
Another inside view. Pretty tight working conditions, but at least it's warm.
Inside view of the right front area. Brick are being started in this area today.
Just another view of the front right side. This is a good picture of the two heaters at work.
These tarps are covering a very large area. They not only have to protect the work, but they have to be anchored against wind and the elements
Another view of how massive the tarped area is, and my Dodge van got in this picture too!.
UPDATE: Febuary 12:
Well as I'm sure you know, it wasn't light, we got about 6 to 8 inches of snow. But that only stopped us for a day. We went in on Saturday to clean
up the mess. So, we were able to almost finish the right side when the arctic blast came in on Tuesday and again stopped production. We set up
more tarps and scaffold. On Wednesday the winds were reaching 40 mph. We got there early to try and batten down the hatches. Unfortunatly,
with these temps. the work is on hold again untill the temps go back into the thirty's. Will post...
the day after the snow storm, 8
This is the sight we saw as we pulled on the job.
The tarps barely survived. we had to clear off the snow from the tops to relieve the pressure.
This is what the inside looks like...no burgers yet!
They are a little ahead of us, but the average temp in here is about 72 degrees.
This is the inside view of our work area.
We tarped around the front corner, but with fourty mile an hour winds I can only pray that they'll be there in the morning.
Another view of how the wind sucks the tarps close to the scaffold. It's like being in a giant blue lung.
UPDATE: April 2:
Well after the worst winter in my recorded history,( like a constant twenty degree temperature, and not to mention the thirty inches of snow we
got) the job was on hold for most of Febuary, and part of March. But I'm glad to say we finished up here today. Check out the pics and follow us
on to the next job... Will Post.
This is the right side, and the finishing touches are almost done.
Right rear of building.
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